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My voice can be heard as the male player character in the video game Orbital Strike VR, which is now available on Steam!

Check it out here: Orbital Strike VR

Professional voice over


I will help get your next audio project off the ground, whether it’s a book you want narrated with a host of voices, an animated or video game character that requires a unique sound, or as the representative of your business instilling confidence through a commercial. Let’s create something great together.


About me

I love telling stories but never found an outlet in which to do so until I started narrating The Lord of the Rings daily to my long-distance girlfriend (now close-distance wife) over Skype. That was when I realized the narrating and acting skills I had cultivated since childhood were my outlet for telling stories! I am still working on writing my own stories, but for now I’ll happily lend my voice to help someone tell theirs.


The first audiobook I can remember hearing was Tales of the Jedi, which I listened to via cassette on my dad’s boombox in the living room. It gave me a love for full cast ensembles, that quickly spun into listening to Brian Jacques’ Redwall series.


Just wanted to thank you again for your great take on the character. You absolutely nailed it!

 Draconis Interstellar

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